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I have been an artist as long as I can remember.  My unique up-bringing has given me a great well to pull from for my works.  I am drawn to esthetic beauty and love to potray that in the execution of my work

"Narcissus in Socks" explores the life journey of an individual but also a collective experience of growing up and the things we hold on to to feel personal power

As I look to nature I see individuals and characters within each plant and animal.  "Life Cycle" explores the beauty of aging the change of texture and gesture with the aging process

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Life Cycle

Stephen Arnold Workman

The long tradition of portraits is a unique and wonderful story telling experience.  They immortalize a place in time for that individual.  

Wonderbomb Studios is the ongoing art collaboration project with fellow artist Zachary M. Crane

It is a strange and twisted world of pop culture and childhood nostalgia





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Wonderbomb Studios

Narcissus in Socks

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